Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Me Before You: A Review

Goodreads (Descriptions):

Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows how many footsteps there are between the bus stop and home. She knows she likes working in The Buttered Bun tea shop and she knows she might not love her boyfriend Patrick.

What Lou doesn't know is she's about to lose her job or that knowing what's coming is what keeps her sane.

Will Traynor knows his motorcycle accident took away his desire to live. He knows everything feels very small and rather joyless now and he knows exactly how he's going to put a stop to that.

What Will doesn't know is that Lou is about to burst into his world in a riot of colour. And neither of them knows they're going to change the other for all time.

My Review:

This book has taken my heart and shredded into a million and twenty pieces. I can't even. How do I even review this book?

You know, what got me to read this book was the previews for this movie. I read it before the movie came out earlier this year, and then all my roomies at college took it and read it just as quickly as I did. And basically, we all feel the same way. It has taken our hearts.

I'm stalling because I honestly don't know how to review this. From the previews, Lou Clark is NOT who I expected her to be. I was expecting someone who was completely care free and lived life on the edge.

Well, I was wrong. She has so much more depth than I thought. First of all, the characters are way older than I thought. Clark is 26 and Will is around 35. Clark has done basically nothing with her life, she's worked at one cafe for ages until she loses her job. Which of course, after trying a million of other jobs, she begins working for the Turner's.

And Will hates her. Haha! Oh gosh, I love the banter between him and Clark. It made my life and made me fall in love with them. They fit so perfectly together.

Seriously, I love their relationship. They are so obviously in love with each other. And it's a gradual falling. It takes them months to actually discover they like and then love each other. Oh my! And the lines in the previews are the exact lines from the book.

If you want a realistic love story, read this book. If you want your whole heart to be taken away by it, read it.

I give it a 5 out of 5!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Reckoning: A Review (Darkest Powers #3)

Goodreads (Description):

Chloe Saunders is fifteen and would love to be normal. Unfortunately, Chloe happens to be a genetically engineered necromancer who can raise the dead without even trying. She and her equally gifted (or should that be 'cursed'?) friends are now running for their lives from the evil corporation that created them.

As if that's not enough, Chloe is struggling with her feelings for Simon, a sweet-tempered sorcerer, and his brother Derek, a not so sweet-tempered werewolf. And she has a horrible feeling she's leaning towards the werewolf...

Definitely not normal.

My Review:

Ah!! This was the best book out of all of them! It was so dang good!

Everything is coming to the nitty gritty and betrayals happen, and people who Simon and Derek discover that some old family friends aren't exactly who they thought they were. So not only is there tension among Chloe and her friends, but once again they're trying to discover who they can and can't trust.

Tori kind of takes a turn around in this book and I hated her a little less.

Derek however, I fell even more in love with him. Ah! I love him. He's seriously just the best. Dark and broody, but extremely loyal and intelligent. Chloe and his adventures were my favorite part in this book.

Simon is freaking awesome. Although, I do think of him more as a side-kick. Like, if I were put into a book with him, he would be the cool side-kick, funny friend. Still, he's awesome.

Seriously, this series got better every book! Plus, it's ending was just so...perfect. Not unrealistic with all bows tied, but still really, really good.

I have to give this book a 5 out of 5!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Awakening: A Review (Darkest Powers #2)

Goodreads (Description):

My name is Chloe Saunders, and if you had met me a few weeks ago, you probably would have described me as an average teenage girl - someone normal.

Now my life has changed forever and I'm as far away from normal as it gets. A living science experiment - not only can I see ghosts, but I was genetically altered by a sinister organization called the Edison Group. What does that mean? For starters, I'm a teenage necromancer whose powers are out of control: I raise the dead without even trying. Trust me, that is not a power you want to have. Ever.

Now I'm running for my life with three of my supernatural friends - a charming sorcerer, a cynical werewolf, and a disgruntled witch - and we have to find someone who can help us before the Edison Group finds us first. Or die trying.

My Review:

This book started right off from where the last one began, and it started with a tense situation--which caught my attention and I couldn't stop from the minute I started.

Chloe and her friends are the run for their lives. Secrets from the first book have been learned and now they are trying to figure out what exactly has been done to them with the genetic engineering and how they can escape the Edison Group. Vague, I know, but I don't want to give any spoilers (although, the description kind of does).

Still, I liked this book more than the first one. Granted, the first book was still good, but it was mainly setting the stage for this book. So much happens to Chloe and her friend and it's pretty face paced. Friends are made, love begins to bloom, and I am so very much in love with Derek...

Once again we get to see how despite Chloe's mistakes and the sucky situations she's put through, she does her best to help her friends, even though Derek is kind of a punk sometimes. I like how even when she hates someone, like Tori (who I also hate), she recognizes they're still on the same side and helps them.

And let me just add this. I like how Chloe isn't in love with her power. So often we see MCs who just accept their powers, but Chloe is actually terrified of her ability to raise the dead. She does what she can to control it, but she doesn't truly rely on her power, but on her wit and her friends. I just think that's awesome.

I give this a 4.5 out of 5!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Summoning: A Review (Darkest Powers #1)

Goodreads (Description):

My name is Chloe Saunders and my life will never be the same again.

All I wanted was to make friends, meet boys, and keep on being ordinary. I don't even know what that means anymore. It all started on the day that I saw my first ghost - and the ghost saw me.

Now there are ghosts everywhere and they won't leave me alone. To top it all off, I somehow got myself locked up in Lyle House, a "special home" for troubled teens. Yet the home isn't what it seems. Don't tell anyone, but I think there might be more to my housemates than meets the eye. The question is, whose side are they on? It's up to me to figure out the dangerous secrets behind Lyle House... before its skeletons come back to haunt me.

My Review:

Chloe Saunders was quite a fun character to follow around. Although she was set financially, and was not wanting there, she had a pretty hard life. She didn't exactly have loads of friends and then she started seeing ghosts.

Which led her to Lyle House and lots of other kids who supposedly had loads of problems too. At first things seem to be going as well as they could for Chloe, but then we begin to see that Lyle House isn't what we thought it was.

This was a fun YA filled with surprises around every corner and a fantastically sarcastic MC. Chloe doesn't take any crap from anyone and fights for what she wants. At times she is a bit clueless, but overall, I really liked her.

As for all the other characters, it was fun to see Chloe interact with them and learn about being a Necromancer. It was fun to discover this new world of supernatural powers.

I give this a 4 out of 5!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Shade of Blood: A Review (A Shade of Vampire #2)

Goodreads Description:

In A Shade Of Blood, Bella Forrest transports you deeper into a unique, enthralling and beautifully sensitive story. Prepare to be lost in its pages…

When Sofia Claremont was kidnapped to a sunless island, uncharted by any map and ruled by the most powerful vampire coven on the planet, she believed she’d forever be a captive of its dark ruler, Derek Novak.

Now, after months of surviving an endless night, the morning sun may soon rise again for Sofia. Something has possessed Derek’s heart and he offers her a gift no human slave has ever been given in the history of his cursed island: escape.

High school, prom and a chance to move on with her life now await her.

But will she be able to forget the horrors that steal her sleep away at night? … and the feelings that haunt her for that tormented prince of darkness?

My Review:

So I reviewed the first book of this series, and well, I loved the first book, but couldn't really handle this one. I just...too many cliches and whatnot. Yes, that's how the first book was, but yeesh. 

I sort of already fell out of love with this series during this book. Plus, it didn't get interesting until the very end. It dragged a bit, and I don't like dragging plot lines. I like when things happen and when things are happening. 

Sofia is still pretty air headed and Derrick is finally loosening up, but I still don't like him very much. And I don't like anyone else in the series except for maybe Vivian.

I think I will give this a series a rest. Granted, I don't hate this story and have access to the next few books on audiobook. Maybe, just maybe, if I don't have another audiobook to listen to, I'll pick up the next book. Not anytime soon though.

I give this a 2 out of 5.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stars Above: A Review (Lunar Chronicles #4.5)

Goodreads Description:

The enchantment continues....

The universe of the Lunar Chronicles holds stories—and secrets—that are wondrous, vicious, and romantic. How did Cinder first arrive in New Beijing? How did the brooding soldier Wolf transform from young man to killer? When did Princess Winter and the palace guard Jacin realize their destinies?

With nine stories—five of which have never before been published—and an exclusive never-before-seen excerpt from Marissa Meyer’s upcoming novel, Heartless, about the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Stars Above is essential for fans of the bestselling and beloved Lunar Chronicles.

The Little Android: A retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid,” set in the world of The Lunar Chronicles.
Glitches: In this prequel to Cinder, we see the results of the plague play out, and the emotional toll it takes on Cinder. Something that may, or may not, be a glitch….
The Queen’s Army: In this prequel to Scarlet, we’re introduced to the army Queen Levana is building, and one soldier in particular who will do anything to keep from becoming the monster they want him to be.
Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky: Thirteen-year-old Carswell Thorne has big plans involving a Rampion spaceship and a no-return trip out of Los Angeles.
The Keeper: A prequel to the Lunar Chronicles, showing a young Scarlet and how Princess Selene came into the care of Michelle Benoit.
After Sunshine Passes By: In this prequel to Cress, we see how a nine-year-old Cress ended up alone on a satellite, spying on Earth for Luna.
The Princess and the Guard: In this prequel to Winter, we see a game called The Princess
The Mechanic: In this prequel to Cinder, we see Kai and Cinder’s first meeting from Kai’s perspective.
Something Old, Something New: In this epilogue to Winter, friends gather for the wedding of the century...

My Review:

Stars Above is a wonderful collection of Lunar Chronicle stories. I fell in love with it the moment I started reading it. Marissa Meyer actually came to Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, AZ, so my family drove out to go see her and get our books signed (yes the picture shows Cinder and not Stars Above, because we wanted the book shown that made us fall in love with the series). Meyer is a wonderful person and you can just see her love for reading and writing glowing in her face. She actually told us the original Little Mermaid story, and man, she's a fantastic story teller! I definitely think story telling is an art, and she excels.

Me, Mom (aka Paij Slater here), Marissa Meyer

Anyways, this collection of stories was so much fun. It was great to see the lives of some minor characters that we didn't get to see very much. We also got to see what they were thinking, which answered some curious questions I've had throughout reading the series.

Most of the stories were about what happened before the series started, and the last story is an epilogue of the series. Oh, it was so much fun! I was given everything I have wanted since the beginning of the series. If you love this series, I highly suggest you read it. And definitely read it after you have the entire series, or there will be major spoilers.

Meyer is by far one of my favorite authors and she is just as wonderful in person. I am so glad I got to meet her and read this great series.

I give all these little stories a 5 out of 5!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Breakaway: A Review (The Breakaway #1)

Goodreads Description:

When Naomi Jensen is kidnapped, it takes her parents two days to realize she's missing. Escape isn't high on her list of priorities when all she has to return to is an abusive boyfriend and parents who never paid much attention to her. For the first time in her life she's part of a family-even if it is a family of criminals. But she's still a captive. In a desperate attempt to regain some control in her life, Naomi embarks on a dangerous plan to make one of her kidnappers think she's falling in love with him. The plan works too well, and when faced with the chance to escape, Naomi isn't sure she wants to take it

My Review:

As you can see, this is another book about a kidnapping, and it's a kidnapping that includes Stockholm Syndrome. Which in and of itself is pretty scary and incredibly mind tripping. I had actually first heard this series when my mom, sister, and cousin were listening to it on audiobook on a fun road trip we took years back (I was reading my own book, but my interest had been peaked). Only now, however, have I actually read it.

So, our main character is Naomi Jensen. She is perhaps the biggest idiot I've ever read about. I kept thinking she would be smarter, but no. She failed, just about every time. Still, I was enraptured about the dynamics of her relationship with her captors. That's what kept me reading.

Naomi doesn't know how to have a functional relationship. She had an abusive boy friend before, who I very much hated, and parents who didn't know how to be parents. Essentially, Naomi was never taught what love really was or how to find someone who actually loved her, and didn't use her for her body or for her parents' connections. Which, I think just made her so incredibly naive that when she got kidnapped, she didn't have the capability to think like a normal human being.

Because I would have tried to escape so many times.

She only tried once.

I won't give too much away, but needless to say, I obviously don't understand how Stockholm Syndrome works very much. I can't comprehend how you can come to love someone who is keeping you locked in a house, away from everything that you have known and loved. Which I believe is another reason why I kept reading. I just had to know how this was all going to work out.

One of her kidnappers, Jesse, is made out to be such a great guy, but how can you be a great guy when you could have saved a girl a year earlier, and only did so now because it benefited you? Just...crazy stuff that actually happens that I can't even imagine (and am incredibly grateful that it hasn't happened to me).

The ending was happy for me, but not so much for Naomi, which once again, weirded me out. There's a second book, of which I am excited for. Yes, Naomi is pretty stupid, but I can't stop reading the effects of her capture. It's such a train wreck, but it's fabulous and terrifying.

Argyle is a beautiful writer, and I enjoyed her writing style. It's another reason why I kept reading. She dives so well into Naomi's naive-ness and her strange way of thinking, that I'm completely drawn in. Sure, I can't connect with Naomi's airheaded-ness, but her story is interesting and Argyle keeps on surprising me.

I give this a 4 out of 5!