Tuesday, September 3, 2013

All the Difference By A.J. Baczek: A Book Review

Once again, sorry for the time delay on posts.

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Recently, I completed the novel, All the Difference and oh, how I loved it!

Now, here's my review:

The message of All the Difference is quite profound. It taught me the valuable lesson of the power of a second chance. A.J. Baczek shaped her characters in a way that demonstrates the concerns and self-worries that nearly every human being has or will be troubled with. Her characters are sent through very real world situations that drive them to consider exactly what kind of person they need to be and if they should grant another chance to those around them. Baczek writes about the courage a high school student must have to overcome the pure pressure that bombards a teenager’s life. She accentuates the fear and the pain that accompanies bullying and struggling self-worth, but she also exemplifies the power and courage that comes from being yourself and standing up for what is right.

In her older characters, Baczeck shows that no matter how hard the situation gets, if one is willing, and genuinely loves the other, then a trial a couple is in can be overcome and ended happily. It won’t be easy—no, it never is—but if the mind is set and open to understanding, then the desired outcome can happen if it is fought for.

I feel that every young adult who is struggling in high school should read this incredible message of courage and self-worth. Baczek’s writing construction of All the Difference was beautiful, enabling me to connect with the characters and experience their trials with them. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I appreciate its message.

A.J. Baczek is a phenomenal writer, and I am excited for her next book.


  1. Thank you my sweet fellow writer! I loved being able to receive a personal play-by-play of your reactions as you read. I only wish I could have seen them in person.

    Now we have to get you posting more! (I say as I neglect my own blog that I vowed to keep up a better routine with). ;)

  2. LOVED this book! Now I cannot wait until I can write a review for YOUR book!