Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Keeper's Defiance: A Review (The Keeper Saga #3)

Goodreads (Description):

"The scream of the dragon woke me. Wide-eyed, I scrambled to my knees, searching for a place to hide. Then it dawned on me---within the clutches of the enemy, I was perfectly safe from the dragons." ---Chase Harper.

When Chase found the gold counter buried in a cave, he went back in time, setting in motion events that would change the course of his life and forever alter the destiny of the new world. After he and a small group of soldiers rescue his girlfriend Ellie from the Shuylians, they are overtaken during their race for the Algonian border. Chase falls into enemy hands, leaving Ellie to fend for herself. As time passes, he is believed dead---forever lost. So when Davy, Perception's Keeper, is charged with seeing to Ellie's safety, will his persuasions turn her heart away from Chase?

My Review:

I loved how this book started right after the end of the second one, literally. It was as if the second one was BOOM end and then this one went BOOM beginning. Still, I liked it. I don't mind cliff hangers, especially if all the books are out.

Chase Harper endures a lot in this book. His strength surprised me. Not because I thought he was weak, but the amount of crap he has to go through ... it's pretty brutal. Yet, he never gives up. Plus, help came along. I was worried he was going to be alone, but thankfully, Briley was there. And I liked her a lot. She was pretty dang awesome, considering her circumstances and chance of dying if she got caught helping Chase.

Ellie. I've always thought she's pretty helpless, and well, she is. I like her however, because she has wit and a good heart. She is a very good person and Chase loves her. Something happened however in this book that made me hurt for her. I just....I honestly don't know what I would have done in her situation, but I love how she ended up making the right choice. She may be helpless, but she's not stupid.

I also loved seeing Garrik and Davvy again. They are some fun characters I hope to visit again in the next book. I don't think Chase could survive without Garrik. I will say there were times I didn't live Davvy, but he's a good kid so I couldn't really hate him.

Once again another good story by Nelson. I'm excited to see what the next book has in store for me.

4 out of 5!

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