Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Point Blank: A Review (Alex Rider #2)

Goodreads (Description):

MI6 assigns Alex Rider, 14, undercover at an elite prep school for teen rebels after two fathers are assassinated. Principal Dr Grief and vicious cigar-smoking Mrs Stellenbosch are the only teachers. All the students act studious, perfect - and identical. When Alex finds the plot, the villains find him, and the mountain peak has only a black ski run escape.

My Review:

This book was much like the first, but still was a fun read. I don't know, maybe I'm in the mood for strict adventure no matter how cliché it gets. This series is simple and fantastic. Definitely one I would have my younger brother read and one I would have middle graders read. It's easy and fast and the plot never slows, only picks up speed and gets faster.

Alex once again is forced to do MI6's bidding. The only saving grace for me not hating MI6 in this book is Mrs. Jones. She and Alan Blunt are two opposites. Jones actually cares about Alex, Blunt just wants the usefulness of a kid spy. I very much dislike him.

Still, I am coming to like Alex more and more. He's kind of secretly spunky. He basically does what he wants and finds a way to get away with it. But he doesn't do anything specifically bad, but he brings justice in places others can't. Like lifting a boat with a crane. All 14-year-olds do that, right?

I will admit, that even though this story was cliché too, there was a nice twist at the end I wasn't expecting. Well done. Now I'm exceedingly curious to read the third.

3.5 out of 5!

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