Friday, October 11, 2013

Honest Critiquing

As a writer, I need other writers to critique my work to help me know what I need to fix... For the fact is, I am not perfect. And frankly, I am grateful for the wonderful people who are willing to take my work, read it and find the silly/small (or big/humiliating) mistakes within my novels.

I agree wholeheartedly with the statement, "honesty is the best policy," and with the saying, "truth hurts." (And yes, I have placed lots of favorite quotes on honesty in here).

After I have edited my work to the point where I need to send it to people who know how to critique, I need to remember that they are only trying to help me. Sometimes, I don't agree with what my beta readers have to say, but when the time comes that more than one of them points a flaw out--that's when it's time for me to reconsider my own thought process.

Everyone has their own opinions. We are not all going to agree on the same thing or think the same way. And that's what critiquing is all about! I need a range of beta critiques about my work, so that I may have some idea as to what (when my work is published) my readers will think, and how they will like/dislike it.

I want my readers to be honest with me. Yeah, sometimes the truth sucks, but it's the truth. I don't want to go out into the publishing world looking like a fool, so that is why I seek the help I do.

Any kind of feedback I gain from my beta readers is helpful (whether I agree with it or not) because it assists me in seeing my work in a different way than before; which can lead me to correct some mistakes before I send it off to them again.

When I critique other's works, I make sure that I'm kind, but honest. The writing world isn't an easy one, and I do not want any of my fellow writers to be embarrassed or ridiculed for what they have written down. Of course, not everyone likes EVERY SINGLE book out there, and that is fine, but I do want those who I help to be successful. Who doesn't want their friends to succeed?

I'm not saying that I'm the superstar at honesty, but I strive to do the best I can. There is a way to be both honest and kind (most of the time...), so that is what I try to do.

We may get offended from one's honesty every once in a while (yes, I am a fault of that) but in the end, I realize that they said it for my benefit (critiquing wise).

Once again, I want to thank my beta readers for the time they have put into reading my books. I wish to express my gratitude for their honesty... I could not do it without them!