Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Keeper's Defiance: A Review (The Keeper Saga #3)

Goodreads (Description):

"The scream of the dragon woke me. Wide-eyed, I scrambled to my knees, searching for a place to hide. Then it dawned on me---within the clutches of the enemy, I was perfectly safe from the dragons." ---Chase Harper.

When Chase found the gold counter buried in a cave, he went back in time, setting in motion events that would change the course of his life and forever alter the destiny of the new world. After he and a small group of soldiers rescue his girlfriend Ellie from the Shuylians, they are overtaken during their race for the Algonian border. Chase falls into enemy hands, leaving Ellie to fend for herself. As time passes, he is believed dead---forever lost. So when Davy, Perception's Keeper, is charged with seeing to Ellie's safety, will his persuasions turn her heart away from Chase?

My Review:

I loved how this book started right after the end of the second one, literally. It was as if the second one was BOOM end and then this one went BOOM beginning. Still, I liked it. I don't mind cliff hangers, especially if all the books are out.

Chase Harper endures a lot in this book. His strength surprised me. Not because I thought he was weak, but the amount of crap he has to go through ... it's pretty brutal. Yet, he never gives up. Plus, help came along. I was worried he was going to be alone, but thankfully, Briley was there. And I liked her a lot. She was pretty dang awesome, considering her circumstances and chance of dying if she got caught helping Chase.

Ellie. I've always thought she's pretty helpless, and well, she is. I like her however, because she has wit and a good heart. She is a very good person and Chase loves her. Something happened however in this book that made me hurt for her. I just....I honestly don't know what I would have done in her situation, but I love how she ended up making the right choice. She may be helpless, but she's not stupid.

I also loved seeing Garrik and Davvy again. They are some fun characters I hope to visit again in the next book. I don't think Chase could survive without Garrik. I will say there were times I didn't live Davvy, but he's a good kid so I couldn't really hate him.

Once again another good story by Nelson. I'm excited to see what the next book has in store for me.

4 out of 5!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Stormbreaker: A Review (Alex Rider #1)

Goodreads (Description):
They told him his uncle died in an accident. He wasn't wearing his seatbelt, they said. But when fourteen-year-old Alex finds his uncle's windshield riddled with bullet holes, he knows it was no accident. What he doesn't know yet is that his uncle was killed while on a top-secret mission. But he is about to, and once he does, there is no turning back. Finding himself in the middle of terrorists, Alex must outsmart the people who want him dead. The government has given him the technology, but only he can provide the courage. Should he fail, every child in England will be murdered in cold blood.
My Review:
This was a fun, fast, adventurous read.
Alex Rider is a 14-year-old boy who's uncle worked for MI6 and has been killed on his last mission, which Alex is forced by MI6 to finish.
I really like Alex. He's sarcastic and has a great no nonsense attitude. Plus, he has a good heart and does what he can to save the lives around him. He doesn't even think about killing the bad guys, but rather how he can accomplish what he needs to without killing anyone. And these days, there are too many main characters who don't care as much as they should (granted, loads of them don't really have a choice, but stil...). So it was a nice break.
Honestly though, this book was chock full of clichés, but it was still so fun to read. Definitely one I would suggest to middle grade male readers. Alex is pretty relatable and a good kid.
I will laugh however, this book was written in 2000 and already lots of the technology is super old fashioned, hehe.
I give it a 3 out of 5!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban: A Review (Harry Potter #3)

Goodreads (Description):

Harry Potter is lucky to reach the age of thirteen, since he has already survived the murderous attacks of the feared Dark Lord on more than one occasion. But his hopes for a quiet term concentrating on Quidditch are dashed when a maniacal mass-murderer escapes from Azkaban, pursued by the soul-sucking Dementors who guard the prison. It's assumed that Hogwarts is the safest place for Harry to be. But is it a coincidence that he can feel eyes watching him in the dark, and should he be taking Professor Trelawney's ghoulish predictions seriously?

My Review:

The first time I read this book as a kid, I thought this was incredibly boring. As an adult now, re-listening, I don't agree with my younger self. Yes, this book is a bit slower than the other novels, but this is the book where Harry discovers his parents friends and the fact that he has a godfather.

It's quite tender.

I also realized how Dumbledore really isn't physically there all the time, but he is always behind the scenes. I love how involved he is even if he and Harry aren't that close yet. He's pretty dang awesome.

Also, I loved re-meeting Lupin. He's one of my favorites and always has been. Literally the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher ever. I love his story and his devotion to his friend's son.

As always it was great to follow Harry, Hermione, and Ron on their many adventures at Hogwarts. It was fun to see Hogsmeed again and Marauder's Map (and may I say the Weasly Twins are also one of my top favorite trouble makers ever!).

Sirus is a very interesting character too. Hearing the story at how he escaped and the way he was watching after Harry even when Harry thought he was the bad guy made me look at him in a new light. There's an explanation Sirus gives when the two finally meet, which didn't make it into the movies. I wished it had been. It just shows how incredible of a character Sirus is.

I love these books and it's been fun to live inside the Wizarding World once again.

I give this a 4.5 out of 5!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lord Fenton's Folly: A Review

Goodreads (Description):

Lord Fenton is a gambler, a dandy, and a flirt—and he must marry or else he will be disinherited, stripped of his wealth and his position. He chooses Alice Stanbridge for two simple reasons: he once knew her as a young girl, and she is the least objectionable option available to him.

However, Alice has harbored feelings for Fenton since their first meeting ten years ago, and she believes his proposal is real. When she discovers it is not, she is embarrassed and hurt. However, a match with the most-eligible bachelor in London would secure not only her future but that of her family as well.

Determined to protect herself from making a fool of herself a second time, Alice matches Lord Fenton wit for wit and insult for insult as they move toward a marriage of convenience that is anything but a happy union. Only when faced with family secrets that have shaped Fenton’s life does he let down his guard enough to find room in his heart for Alice. But can Alice risk her heart a second time?
My Review:

I am beginning to think traditional love stories are overrated for Josi S. Kilpack. She is the author of A Heart Revealed (review click here), which turned out to be a story of growing up and learning who one truly is (and of course, the romance too).

This novel, however, focuses more on the romance, but the situation is just sooo....SAD.

Alice has been in love with Fenton since the moment he set her father's field on fire. Now, he has proposed to her and all her dreams seem to come true.

Until she learns the truth as to why he asked for her hand.

Fenton is a fop, a dandy, a drunk, a man of humor, and a gambler. His father being tired of his ridiculous behavior decides to cut him off unless he adheres to certain terms, one of which is getting married. So when Fenton's mom told him of her liking Alice, he simply shrugged and said he was okay with that.

So romantic right?

This romance is also about discovering one's own identity. Fenton is terrified of becoming his father, and Alice is trying to keep her already broken heart together. Yet, they both wish more than anything that they can find love in this tense and hard relationship.

They aren't kind with each other for a long time. Not until Fenton's mother falls ill and they have to work together to help her.

Eventually this becomes a sweet love story, but it certainly didn't start that way and I was doubting it would be. Fenton was one of my favorite characters in A Heart Revealed, but I didn't like him in this one until I discovered why he was acting the way he was.

Man, this was most definitely a heart-wrenching book. My heart seriously ached for these characters. And yet, they did come to love each other in a realistic, warming way.

Ah, I liked this book quite a lot. I give it a 4.5 out of 5!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Fair Gentleman: A Review

Goodreads (Description):

In this Regency twist of My Fair Lady, Jack would rather be at sea than fixing the mistakes of his grandfather, the late Earl of Stansworth. Instead, he finds that inheriting his grandfather's wealth and title—and securing the welfare of his sister and mother—means joining the ranks of high society and living with the aristocracy. Luckily, Ivy Carlisle, the granddaughter of a dear friend of Jack's late grandmother, is willing to teach him etiquette and properly introduce him into society. Jack soon learns that his challenge isn't surviving his new lifestyle but surviving the conspiracies against him—as well as keeping himself from falling madly in love with his new tutor.

My Review:

Can I just say that this was one of the cutest loves stories I've read in a long time.

Ivy is now the tutor of Jack the new Earl of Stansworth. She has to turn him from a hardened sailor to a fine gentleman of society. Which is not an easy task. Jack is beyond stubborn and humors himself in irritating Ivy.

Due to the circumstances in which Jack became Earl, his family faces many dangerous they weren't expecting. Jack not only has to protect himself, but he worries about his sister, Sophia, and his mother, Mary--who Ivy is also helping merge into society.

I will say the family relationship between Jack, his mother, and his sister is wonderful. Having been away from each other for a long time, seeing them grow together once more warmed my heart. Seeing Ivy make her first true friend in Sophia was sweet too.

The mystery was fun in this story. Jack faces a few unfortunate circumstances causing them all to believe that someone wants him dead for inheriting such wealth. With the help of faithful Charles Fuddleston, Jacks's first friend, (whom I also love and needs to get with Mary) and Anthony Blake, Jack's second friend, they find who is the culprit of the situation and well, save the day!

And finally Jack and Ivy have the chance to really admit how they feel about each other. Although frustrating, I like how Jack went about it, because Ivy pulled a really stupid move called denial. Jack is cleverer however, hehe.

I loved this story. I could not put it down.

I also really need a book about Sophia and Anthony. Please?

I give this a 5 out of 5!