Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Alice in Zombieland: A Review

Alice in Zombieland was filled with thrills in both romance and horror. The idea that zombies are spirits in instead of bodies is a genius idea. It gives a new light on what zombies are and what they can do. The fact that the war against zombies occurs in both the natural and spirit world was quite intriguing--it kept me turning the pages, wondering what would happen next and when the zombies would attack.

Gena Showalter did a wonderful job at creating the perfect, eerie atmosphere for a zombie story. She integrated the idea of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland in a unique way. My favorite hint was the rabbit cloud. I won't go into detail, but always beware a rabbit shaped cloud...

Alice Bell, aka Ali, was a strong individual who was able to preserve through devastating losses. Despite all of that, she rose to the occasion and became a zombie slayer. She didn't take orders from anyone, even if Cole was a little pushy. She stood her ground, even when temptation taunted her. I find that admirable and it was nice to find another female protagonist that wasn't a whiner.

Cole Holland, well, he is another story. All in all, I have to admit he is sexy, wicked awesome, and a dang good zombie slayer. He was encompassing and had the perfect amount of bad-boy romance. I understand why Ali fell for him.

As for the other slayers, they were amazing too. The fact that they, along with Ali and Cole, gave everything up for their cause proves their dedication and love for each other. They didn't let anyone mess with their friends and always stood up for one another. Even if they looked and acted a little scary, on the inside they were good people.

Another thing I loved about this book was Showalter's bluntness. They way she had Ali and other characters just say things straight without sugar coating shows how teenagers really are--except for the whole zombie slaying thing, but still.

I recommend this book for those who love paranormal and want just a dose of fantasy and fun from Alice in Wonderland. I am excited to read the second book: Through the Zombie Glass.

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