Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Perfect Secret: A Review

Honestly, Donna Hatch's The Rogue Hearts series is one of my favorite book series of all time. She writes beautifully and creates characters that are to die for! I had not started blogging yet when I read The Stranger She Married or The Guise of a Gentleman, but that are equally fantastic! I have the honor of knowing Donna Hatch personally and she is an amazing person. She has given such wonderful advice about writing and has sacrificed so much time to coach and help me with my own stories. I hope to return the favor to her as much as I can. She is a wonderful person and an incredible writer.

Now, to my review on A Perfect Secret.

Definitely a 5 OUT OF 5!!

After reading the first two books and realizing just how amazing Christian is, even though he was in the background, I was ecstatic to read this one.

I was hooked the moment I started reading (just the same as the others, too).

Christian is such an engaging, creative, (let's not deny it) sexy and masculine character all the way. I fell for him even before his story began and then I fell just that much harder in this book. He is genuine, brilliant, sweet and caring (yes, I am going on about how much I love him) but he truly was the "perfectly perfect" man for Genevieve.

Now on to Genevieve. Her case was very devastating, but I am glad that after her first mistake, she became stronger. She endured through tremendous embarrassment and heartache and came out victor. She and Christian are so, yes I'm going to say it, perfect for each other.

Also, I absolutely LOVED when all the Amesbury bothers came in to save the day! It was fantastic. I love the Amesbury brothers.... If only they were real...

ANYWAY, Donna has an innate talent to create powerful characters that become nearly tangible. I am (and no, I'm not afraid to admit it) totally in love with all those Amesbury boys (yes, even Grant). These books are absolutely fantastic--they are one of my ultimate favorites. If you adore clean, historical romance please check out Donna Hatch's books. She has written novellas too, and even a Fantasy book--The Exiled Queen (an another amazing book).

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