Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Merciless II: The Exorcism of Sofia Flores: A Review (The Merciless #2)


Sofia is still processing the horrific truth of what happened when she and three friends performed an exorcism that spiraled horribly out of control. Ever since that night, Sofia has been haunted by bloody and demonic visions. Her therapist says they’re all in her head, but to Sofia they feel chillingly real. She just wants to get out of town, start fresh someplace else . . . until her mother dies suddenly, and Sofia gets her wish.

Sofia is sent to St. Mary’s, a creepy Catholic boarding school in Mississippi. There, seemingly everyone is doing penance for something, most of all the mysterious Jude, for whom Sofia can’t help feeling an unshakeable attraction. But when Sofia and Jude confide in each other about their pasts, something flips in him. He becomes convinced that Sofia is possessed by the devil. . . . Is an exorcism the only way to save her eternal soul?

Readers won’t be able to look away from this terrifying read full of twists and turns that will leave them wondering, Is there evil in all of us?

My Review:

Shudder. This book wasn't as fast paced as the first, but it was certainly creepy and a bit terrifying.

Sofia’s mom is dead and now she is sent to a Catholic boarding school where things aren't running like they probably should be. Her roommates are kind, but strange and awful things keep happening to them. And then there's Jude.

I didn't like him from the beginning. And I didn't like how fast Sofia fell for him, because duh, there was obviously something wrong about him.

But then again, Sofia is very stupid and very weak minded. Why I keep reading is because of the compelling story. Like, this crap is happening to Sofia not because she's stupid, but because someone is literally hell bent on turning her evil.

The end was very chilling and I'm kind of worried about what the next book will bring.

3.5 out of 5!

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