Friday, April 17, 2015

Back to School!

This is just going to be a short post.

I am heading back up to BYU-Idaho today! I have been off-track since December (due to their odd three-track system) and I will be back to homework, studying, and my college friends back in Rexburg, Idaho. I've been home in AZ and I'm excited to get to the cooler weather of Idaho, and of course, my friends again! Whoop!

I've been working while back here, and have had significantly more time to read (since I didn't have hours of homework :/ ). The posts you will see after today are all books that I have read before now--and they will be more spaced out, about one a week instead of everyday. When those stop, well ... it's because my reading time has reduced to nearly zero. Passing classes comes first!

Also, I won't have as much time to visit other blogs either. I'll apologize for that now. I will try to visit when I can. Thanks for your support and leaving comments :)

I will still try to do book blitzes and tours, but I can't promise my blog will be very busy for the next three and a half months. My summer begins in late July, so hopefully I will have more reviews posted during that time.

Thanks for visiting! I love sharing the books I read :) Reading will forever be one of my favorite hobbies, and I hope that my reviews lead you to great written adventures.


  1. It just snowed in Rexburg this week, crazy Idaho weather! I hope you have a fabulous time at school!!

  2. It is a weird college schedule, isn't it? I hope classes go well. You got a ton of reading in on your break! Looking forward to more and I'll hopefully see you on some tours. :)

  3. Have fun at the "old school house". Miss me the most :)!