Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Necromancer: A Review

Goodreads (Description):

San Francisco:
Josh and Sophie Newman are finally home. And they're both more confused than ever about their future. Neither of them has mastered the magics they'll need to protect themselves, they've lost Scatty, and they're still being pursued by Dr. John Dee. Most disturbing of all, however, is that now they must ask themselves, can they trust Nicholas Flamel? Can they trust anyone?

Dr. Dee underestimated Perenelle Flamel's power. Alcatraz could not hold her, Nereus was no match for her, and she was able to align herself with the most unlikely of allies. But she wasn't the only one being held on the island. Behind the prison's bars and protective sigils were a menagerie of monsters, and now Machiavelli has come to Alcatraz to loose them on San Francisco.

Perenelle might be powerful, but each day she weakens, and even with Nicholas back at her side, a battle of this size could be too much for her. Nicholas and Perenelle must fight to protect the city, but the effort will probably kill them both.

Having been unable to regain the two final pages of the Codex, Dee has failed his Elder and is now an outlaw.

But the Magician has a plan. With the Codex and the creatures on Alcatraz, he can control the world. All he needs is the help of the Archons. But for his plan to work, he must raise the Mother of the Gods from the dead. For that, he'll have to train a necromancer.

My Review:

Well, well, well. The differences between the twins Josh and Sophie Newman are growing, even widening to an uncrossable gap.

In the fourth installment, Josh needs to be taught the magic of fire. His sister already has this ability, and he is left to play catch up.

In this book, the twins are back in California--right where their troubles started.

This book focuses a bit more on Josh, and just how Dee continues to manipulate the poor boy. Not only that, but as a reader, our eyes are opened a bit. At least mine were.

I had been following Josh's suspicions towards both Dee and the Flamels. Now that I've read this book, I finally know who the good guys are. (No worries, I won't say).

I do like how Scott swayed my suspicions on both groups like he did Josh. The difference is, I can see what's happening, while Josh himself cannot.

Sophie loves her brother and is aware of his paranoia. She knows who to trust, but finds it hard to have a real conversation with her brother--being controlled by memories and being chased by monsters and such. The connection she has with him is amazing. They work so well together, and I know if they truly teamed up, they could beat any bad guy.

We get to see more of Scathach again, too. I like her. She and Joan of Arc make a fantastic team. The task they are sent to do is daunting and sounds impossible, but if there's anything I've learned from these books, there's nothing Scathath can't do--especially when it comes to saving the human race.

This series has been developing well, and this book through a huge turn at me. I wonder/dying to know what will happen next.

I give this a 5 out of 5!


  1. Oh I love your new "stars"! So happy these have all been such fantastic reads for you Natalie!

  2. Wow! A 5/5?!?! Glad you're loving this series so much. You've definitely convinced me to give it a try.

  3. I live seeing your posts! Miss your face 😍